"Step back in time" - Enjoy the Country Fayre at
Broadwood-Kelly, Near Winkleigh, Devon.
Only 0 Day to go!
Exhibitor Information

Firstly, may we take the opportunity to thank you for offering to bring your exhibit(s) and/or trade stands/car boot to this event, or for volunteering to help in any way. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that everyone puts in to events like this, and without you, it would not be possible.

We hope you have a fun and relaxing couple of days!

POSTERS: Posters are available to download and print, and to link on your own website - Click here for downloads

The previous show was a great success, with its new layout centred on the arena. This year will be even better than before, with a wider range of subjects for our visitors to see and “have a go”, as well as new entertainments and even more re-enactment groups joining us.


* Food - Food is available from lunchtime.

* Bar - There is a licensed REAL ALE BAR open from 14:00 to 23:00

* Entertainment - In the evening there is live music available.

* Camping - Available for exhibitors. More information


* Food - Food is available all day.

* Bar - There is a licensed REAL ALE BAR open from 11:00 to 23:00.

* Entertainment - At lunchtime and in the evening there is live music available.

* Camping - Available for exhibitors. More information


* Food - Food is available until 17:00.

* Bar - There is a licensed REAL ALE BAR open from 11:00 to 17:00.

* Entertainment - At lunchtime.

* Camping - Available for exhibitors. More information

Please stay on Sat and relax after a fun day exhibiting/trading, the show remains open to the public during the evening, so please do invite your friends! There will be live Mediaeval Music performed during the evening on Saturday, and for anyone staying on Friday, there will be a meet up in the bar during the afternoon and evening (not open to the public on Friday, but friends and family are welcome).

To avoid the need to drive after the show, you are welcome to camp on-site – but please book in advance.

The FREE camping is available for exhibitors and crew (friends, family, helpers), from Wednesday before the show to Wednesday after the show. There is no camping available for the general public. Campers, Caravans and Tents welcome. There is no electrical hook-up available, however you are welcome to bring your own generator. Chemical toilets welcome, but please empty them at home, as we are not on the mains sewer.

Insurance Requirements & Health and Safety

We have tried to keep the rules to an absolute minimum and let everyone get on and enjoy their day, however in the interests of making it fun, avoiding disasters and keeping it legal, we must ask everybody to consider the health and safety risks associated with events of this type, which include, but are not limited to, those risks listed below. The show risk assessments are available here.

Please remember that children may unknowingly get in to situations where there is a danger to themselves or other people. Please help to reduce this risk by all reasonable means.

Our Insurers require that in addition to our own event insurance, All Vehicular Exhibits must be insured with at minimum 3rd party insurance themselves. Some companies do not insure vehicles when parked on private property – please check that you are covered while exhibiting.

Please bring your insurance papers – we are required by our insurers to be able to have sight of these documents at any time you are on-site.

Vehicular Exhibits must not be driven around the site after 11am on show days (except to put them on display, move to or from the arena, or to leave the site), unless absolutely necessary. Please drive slowly.

Please ensure that your exhibit cannot be accidentally moved – in the case of engine driven vehicles and machinery, please remove the keys and disconnect the battery (if necessary – eg starter can be operated without the keys).

If your exhibit is on wheels, please use wheel chocks, if necessary, to ensure that it cannot unintentionally move and pose a risk of causing injury to anyone.

If your exhibit has sharp edges (such as a blade), please ensure that it is exhibited in such a way that it is not going to be a danger to the public.

If your exhibit requires special safety measures, please bring them with you and ensure they are kept in place.

>>> FIRE <<<

Buckets of water will be provided to help control any outbreaks of fire. If your exhibit is at risk of causing a fire, please bring extra buckets and other fire precautions, so that you can deal with it quickly should fire break out. No naked flames without prior agreement from the event organisers. Please use battery electric torches or lights for camping.

For directions to the site, please click here.