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Volkssturm V3

Volkssturm V3

Volksstrum V3 re-enactment



The Volkssturm-V3 was established during May 2011 by a group of experienced re-enactors, each with a span of 10-40 years in the hobby. The primary objective for this portrayal is to enjoy oneself re-enacting whilst providing a serious historic reconstruction.

For many re-enactors, especially those who have been in this hobby for many years, attempting to convincingly re-enact a young soldier is becoming a major challenge. Grey and thinning hair, widening girth, loss of breath and less than firm knees, makes clothing oneself as a frontline combat soldier almost ridiculous. Equally, there was a desire to develop individualised impressions rather than the regimented appearance required by many groups.

We decided to portray a battalion raised in Potsdam, Brandenburg, as they were amongst the first to be raised, yet fought to the bitter end. Various battalions from Potsdam fought respectively in the West against the Americans and the East against the Soviets.



Volkssturm V3 @ Step Back in Time 2017

Volkssturm V3 makes another exciting appearance at the Step Back in Time Festival.



Volkssturm V3 @ Step Back in Time 2016

Volkssturm V3 makes it first appearance at the 2016 Step Back in Time Festival.


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